Saturday, November 22, 2008

Don't Forget About Time

Habits can be expensive, but they can also rob you of a currency even more valuable than money; they can rob you of your time.
Two weeks ago, She and I decided to reduce the amount of time we spend watching TV. It was obvious that it had become a distraction from spending time talking with each other and growing closer. For the better part of a week, we did a great job. But, by the end of the first week, we found ourselves spending the evening planted on the couch, staring at the moving picture box.
Today, The Simple Dollar posted a very insightful article regarding how treats stop being treats. It reminded me that the TV was no longer a treat, but instead was a habit robbing us of the opportunity to involve ourselves in each other's lives.
We need to find a way to turn TV back into a treat rather than a habit. If not, it will slowly drain the vitality from our marriage as our time together is spent on an activity with little to offer our relationship in return.


  1. My wife and I made a rule about 3 months ago that has literally changed our lives. We do not watch any TV at night; Monday - Thursday. We TiVo everything we like, then watch it all on Friday night after my son goes to bed. Not only is it a frugal form of entertainment (TiVo costs us $6.95 a month), it allows us to spend more quality time talking, exercising and playing the Wii (together).

    Habits can define who you are if you let them. I have learned to stand up and be the man I need (and want) to be for my wife and son.

  2. Great decision, Dusty. It sounds like it's already paying dividends.


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