Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Camera Phone is Saving me Money

What do Camera Phones and have in common? They save me a ton of money...and it's not about roll-over minutes or free shipping.
When I happen upon a great book at the local store or in an airport terminal newsstand (they do an amazing job of merchandising business books, which are my preferred reading material) I snap a photo of the cover with my phone instead of buying them. Then, the next time I'm at the computer, I search the local library system's website for them.
Our local library system has a full catalog online where you can search, request, place holds, and renew books. This makes it incredibly easy to keep the nightstand stocked with great reading material for FREE. comes in handy, too. I simply find the listings for the books I've recently enjoyed and pay special attention to the suggested readings. Then, I click over to the library page and place a hold on them.

Thanks to Phil's blog at the Pay Yourself First Challenge for inspiring this posting. Be sure to vote for him, and check out his regular Prime Time Money blog for more great postings.

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