Friday, November 14, 2008

Frugal Weekend Fun

I'm a frugal guy, and have always enjoyed a variety of frugal activities. This weekend, She is going to be out-of-town, leaving me to enjoy some of those frugal activities on my own.

Running: I've never been much of a runner, but have been inspired by some co-workers that ran the NY Marathon recently. It's great exercise, and doesn't cost a thing.

Reading: I stopped by the Library to pick-up a couple books I placed holds on. While I love buying books, I've found the library to a fantastic bargain. And with the online reservation system, I can place holds on books as I encounter them, and pick them up when available.

Manage my Fantasy Teams: Yes, I'm one of those who participates in a couple Fantasy Sports Leagues with friends. This year, I am in two football and one basketball league. All in, it was about a $50 outlay, and it gives me something to pay attention to for the better part of 8 months (though it's not something She's particularly fond of me spending my time with).

Learn Italian through LiveMocha: She and I share a desire to go to Europe, and especially Italy. Though any trip is probably a couple years out, I figure it might take me that long to learn enough Italian to get around.

I'm looking forward to a full, frugal weekend.

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